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About me

Roller Derby Tragic, Some What Fashion Savvy, Makeup Addict, Crazy Cat Lady, Self Employed

I am an active, sometimes outgoing person, who runs her own business.

I have a love for fashion, makeup, and hair; and have always been a lover of food. I am an active participant in roller derby, in a few ways. I am a cat owner; and adore animals of all kinds.

This is my little space of the internet to allow me to voice opinions, talk about, photograph and review things as I see fit.

Sit back, enjoy and feel free to comment/contact me about anything on these blogs or in general.

Step Two

I hate talking to my GP about my weight. For so long, the main response I would get would be: have you considered lap band surgery? That's not the kind of answer I'm looking for, for multiple reasons. Lap band doesn't always work. Not really. Not long term. I've seen...

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People always insist that if you really want to know if a diet is working for you, focus on the measurements not the weight. Diets can take time to work, you can plateau easily when it comes to weight, and weight fluctuates a lot. Measurements are a more reliable...

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Diet and Review

The 5:2 diet is freaking hard. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. But, strangely, when you work out the right foods to have... it becomes easier to deal with and the longer you do it, it continues to become easier. I doubt I will ever not struggle a bit on the days...

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