I went into Star Trek Beyond with little idea what to expect. I’ve barely watched any of the original series, nor of any of the other television versions of it (I’ve mostly seen bits and pieces of TNG) but I had enjoyed the two previous reboot films.

This one though was coming out after the loss of such an important Star Trek actor in Leonard Nimoy, and the tragic loss of someone who was making his presence really known in Anton Yelchin.

I know a lot of people were concerned that without JJ Abrams that the film wouldn’t feel like the previous ones; and that after Into Darkness they definitely weren’t sure how the film would go as a lot of people were disappointed in it.

As a non trekkie, what did I think?

Was it a perfect film? No. But it was an enjoyable one. I didn’t need to know much in terms of the previous films to understand the storyline.

Did the plot make sense? Most of it did. As my partner puts it, there was the development of a great story that just didn’t quite make it.

Did it feel like a Trek film? I’ll refer to my partner’s assessment of it, as he knows a lot more about Star Trek than I do. In which case, it felt a lot closer to a Star Trek film than the previous one.

What was my biggest issue with the film?

The camera work. Oh my god. I get motion sickness when the camera isn’t steady and in some sections it was horrible.

However, in terms of actual storyline, I find the way that Lieutenant Uhura was utilised was a little underwhelming. She had some scenes which were amazing but overall, she wasn’t as kickarse as I know she can be. I know that they had to balance a large ensemble cast but there were times when it seemed to be she was there purely to boost her screen time, not because she needed to be based on the way she was used.

So what did I enjoy about it?

The introduction of Jaylah. She was another amazing, kickarse character.

The humour and friendship between Kirk and Spock, both wanting to move on but both realising that there was something more in relation to staying.

Chekov. I’m gonna miss him.

The touching way that they included Nimoy’s passing in the film. I know some people didn’t like it, but I found it sweet. Firstly, being the message being given to Spock, then as a reminder that Ambassador Spock was fully a member of the original Star Trek, reiterating to Spock that he could still do good work as part of Star Fleet.

McCoy and Spock together. Their friendship is amazing.

McCoy’s “I’m a doctor damnit, not a…” got a giggle out of me. I know how important that line is!

Overall, it was a good, fun action movie with elements of sci-fi.

What did you think of it? Are you a Trekkie?

  • Story 80%
  • Character Development (Main) 75%
  • Character Development (Secondary) 75%
  • Camera Steadiness 60%
  • Score 90%

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