Its been forever since I had a chance to just sit down and write what was on my mind.

This post is just a general overview of what’s been happening, and hopefully, kicking me back into regular writing.

I’ve been feeling like things are simultaneously going both incredibly and horribly at the same time. Like, I’m always on edge that the other shoe will drop. Even on things that I shouldn’t be stressing over.

For example: the other week at training, I felt that things were going hell. I’d felt like I was being constricted and that there was no point to me being there. Two times that week I ended up in tears at a training session. Both times, I had amazing people talk me back around, offer assistance and a chance to vent my frustrations. So, I was feeling eager to go to training the next week. Then, before the training sessions came round, I ended up with a hip injury. Once again, my body gave out on me without me doing anything.

However, I have started really challenging myself recently. I’ve been doing a lot of core strengthening, so hopefully when I do return to skating, I can pick things up quicker than normal.

Which brings me to another thing that’s been taking up my time – in a good way.

I’ve been on a bit of a health and fitness kick. I’ve been doing pilates several times a week, and eating healthier. Up side: I’ve dropped weight and size. Down side: I can’t tell. Up side: it’s giving me a lot more energy on the days I do it. Down side: my injuries aren’t always happy with it (knees and hip both protest regularly even though I do alternate exercises when it’s something that effects them).

Next week though, I am looking forward to getting away for a couple of days. While the reason I’m away is due to work, and I know I will learn lots at the event, it’s on the Gold Coast, so I may get a few swims in (and a sneaky cocktail if I am lucky!). Up side: sunshine, learning things, swimming etc. Down side: travel anxiety.

See what I mean? So much good but so much bad. I’m having trouble ignoring those bad things, despite it shouldn’t really worry me that much. I’m trying to focus on the good, but the bad is draining me regularly, which means my personal creativity is often the first to suffer. Which is where I end up not blogging despite the good it does me.

But that’s enough rambling for now. Hopefully, I will update again soon.

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