The 5:2 diet is freaking hard.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

But, strangely, when you work out the right foods to have… it becomes easier to deal with and the longer you do it, it continues to become easier.

I doubt I will ever not struggle a bit on the days when I fast, but I am finding it easier than when I started.

My fast days are Monday and Wednesday of a week.

My first fast day actually went really well, until I forgot the television was on the Food Network channel and switched the tv on while I was having a break. The host was talking about brisket and bbq. I was so hungry after that.

I was trying to eat three meals a day on fast days, which is really hard to do when you only have 500 calories to use.

It wasn’t until my review that my dietitian pointed out that a good way of doing fast days was to just eat two meals. He wanted to maximise the amount of hours between my last meal on a regular day and when my first meal of a fast day was.

The week I started the 5:2 diet, my weight was 141.7kg.

The week of my reveiw, I weighed 139.2kg.

I was dropping around 818g a week.

We talked about how the diet was working for me, and whether I thought it would be able to be a long term change.

I think it could be.

But it led to me working out I had another issue that I really needed to address.

I was fixating.

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