Since I’ve had limited mobility these past few weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time hobbling around the house with only Rory as my companion. Don’t get me wrong, Nick has spent a lot of time with me as well when I needed to get places or was quite sick earlier this week… but he has work most days, so it can be a bit lonely.

One thing I noticed over the past couple of weeks is that Rory has gotten extremely protective of me. Yes, he may still accidentally trip me or scratch me but he’s also being very careful around me and at times, tries to keep me in bed (Monday and Tuesday this week, I was unwell, and he tried to keep me from getting up). He also checks who is at the door when someone approaches and he’s the cutest thing ever when Nick comes home and I haven’t necessarily shown that I’ve noticed. He runs to the door, waits for Nick, demands a pat then sprints down the hallway, meowing as he goes and comes in to sit with me as if he’s trying to make me aware that Nick is there.

He’s come such a long way from the shy, timid cat we got from the pound. And as such, here are a collection of recent photos of him.

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