People always insist that if you really want to know if a diet is working for you, focus on the measurements not the weight. Diets can take time to work, you can plateau easily when it comes to weight, and weight fluctuates a lot. Measurements are a more reliable thing to work off.

But measurements are just as easy to fixate on as weight is.

I’ve always fixated and I can finally see that that’s what I was doing.

In years past, I would try to do my weight every day and my measurements every couple of days.

This year, I thought I was doing well as I was only weighing myself and getting measurements done monthly as I was getting someone else besides my partner to do them… until I noticed that the 5:2 diet was working.

Then I began weekly weigh ins and fortnightly measurements.

And I could feel myself wanting more. I was graphing the results, and making sure that there was downwards slope. I wanted to increase how often I asked to be measured and just make sure that it was really doing something.

The person doing the measurements for me put a stop to me even asking. She recognised what I was doing before I did and she wasn’t afraid to tell me.

She called it what it was and made me realise how it was effecting me.

I had to promise her that I wouldn’t ask for measurements until a month’s time.

I’m still doing weigh ins, weekly, as it is part of my tracking how I am doing with the changes the dietitian made.┬áBut I keep feeling like I need to measure myself. That I need to ask Nick to get the tape measure out.

And I’m realising how it makes me feel.

Even writing this post, I’m feeling worried that I haven’t seen what my measurements are in over two weeks. I feel almost anxious. I can’t tell that I’m dropping size, even with weigh ins. I can’t see the changes. Which is why the measuring tape option is so appealing. It’s a way I can see the difference.

But it’s not helping me mentally.

Which led to me seeking out my GP like I was told to do.

It was time to seek help via a mental health plan.

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