There is something about musicals that just makes me excited to see one. The energy that the cast have, the swell of the music from the orchestra, the reactions from the crowd… all of it adds to my enjoyment of storyline. It makes me react different to seeing a movie. It’s a bit more special.

This year, I’ve been lucky to be able to see a musical I’ve never seen before, plus enjoy ones I’ve loved in the past.

Avenue Q is one of those from the second category.

Avenue Q has been around for over a decade. Nick saw it when it first came out to Australia, plus he took me to it when we were in New York. So, when it was first released, we weren’t planning on seeing it because of the cost of the tickets (budgets are a bitch!) but when they went on sale, we jumped at the chance.

We were there on opening night and having known the songs and storyline so well (I have the original Broadway cast recording on my Spotify musical playlist), we knew we were going to enjoy it and wondered how it was going to be different here.

Did I enjoy it as much this time?

I loved it; however it wasn’t as clear cut as the previous version.

Since I previously saw it, I’ve become better aware of issues which have some reference within the show making it a little uncomfortable. That being said, I knew it going in it was irreverent and completely un-pc.

They also dropped some of the dialogue, leaving it less complete. In some instances, I wasn’t sure if it was that the person forgot their lines but in another area I knew that they had dropped it completely and it didn’t make sense.

Despite that…

The actor who played Kate Monster and Lucy the Slut was absolutely phenomenal. You knew which character she was voicing each time, despite not necessarily holding that puppet. Kate had innocence in her voice, trusting whereas there was an absolute sultry tone for Lucy.

The actor playing Princeton and Rod was brilliant as Princeton, but Rod was a little off but considering how much of the play both characters are in, he did extremely well with balancing them both.

The actors who looked after the Bad Idea Bears were fantastic! One of them also looked after the vocals for Trekkie Monster, but it was the one who helped carry him who stole it. She had so much expression on her face regardless of whether she was talking as a Bad Ideas Bear or just helping move Trekkie’s arms. She conveyed so much with those expressions.

The actor playing Brian was pretty good, but the one who played Christmas Eve was amazing. She was over the top and right into the role. I was a little let down by the actor playing Garry Coleman but it’s a hard role to get right.

And for those who know the song “For Now” well, know that there is a section that is based on current events and regularly updated. The one in this show was fantastic and got a lot of cheers from the audience. If you are wondering, it was Donald Trump.

I’m glad I got a chance to see it again. However, I think it might be retired from those I see again in the future just because of my own awareness of situations.

  • Score 90%
  • Vocals 80%
  • Acting 85%
  • Story 80%

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