If you missed Part One – view it HERE – and Part Two – view it HERE

In order above: Afterdark, Big Bang and Crank.

I’m not usually a pinks person but I love the vibrancy of these colours!

Afterdark is a comfort matte which is a berry type colour, it reminds me of juicy raspberries in a way.

Big Bang is a sparkly, metallized pink which just looks stunning.

Crank is a mega matte with a gorgeous fuchsia colour.


In order the next two are: Firebird and Moshpit

Firebird is a cream finish, darkish fuchsia which I think would work with so many outfits.

Whereas Moshpit is a cream finish with an almost plum colour, not quite purple, just this side of pinky. Again, this would work with so many outfit options.

The final part, Part Four, will feature all of the purples I love.

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