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In order above: 1993, Amulet, Backdoor, Conspiracy and Crisis

1993 is a comfort matte in a beautiful brown, not too dark but not too light either.

Amulet is a similar colour but in a metallized finish which jazzes it up a little!

Backdoor is a slightly darker tone of brown and again in a metallized finish.

Conspiracy is one I kinda tossed around whether I’d have it in the more neutral tones or the others but in the end, being a brown based colour, I placed it in here. The gold pearl within it is so pretty!

Crisis is not quite a red, not quite a brown, but this berry colour in a cream finish is totally gorgeous.

In order above: Rush, Violate, Nighthawk, Lovelight (and bonus: Trance)

Rush is a pinky brown cream lippy which I think would work with so many looks.

Violate is a slightly darker pinkier brown cream lippy and it was hard to pick which one of these two I liked more, so I added both!

Nighthawk can’t be described as anthing other than a stunning brown-red in a cream finish.

Lovelight is a sheer pink, almost coral-esq shimmery colour which would be great for summer.

And my bonus one, Trance… a metallized nude which I didn’t notice when I first went through the colours but found it when I was double checking the name of one and oh my goodness, love it!

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