Okay, I raved for a while on my wishlist posts about wanting the Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks and it kind of helped me in relation to determining when I was going to do something that I had been wanting to do for a while.

A make up lesson!

I knew that Mecca Maxima offered make up sessions and make up lessons after which you could purchase products up to the cost of the lesson as part of the deal. A few other make up stores offer similar but Mecca Maxima is where Urban Decay is stocked in Australia, so it was the one I wanted to go to.

I booked it in for the day that Vice was being released in Australia (having emailed Mecca previously to know when it was).

So this morning, I went to pick up Nat and together we ventured to Westfield Doncaster, where I met with Debbie who would be teaching me some techniques.

Debbie was awesome, giving me an option of how I wanted the lesson to run and what kind of things I wanted to learn. She offered to allow me to do one side while she did the other, which I said no to. I didn’t want to end up lopsided! I asked for some information in relation to using a base on my face as I never use foundation and then to focus on my eyes.

Off she went to grab the items she thought I would enjoy. Nat went off to test various products out on her hand.

Debbie had hit the nail on the head when she got back, so much purple! And most of the product was Urban Decay, so I had a lot of it to start with.

She quickly ran through prepping my skin, foundation, concealer, highlighting and contouring before moving onto my eyes.

When it came to my eyes, I basically gave her free range in terms of what kind of statement look she wanted to show me.

There is actually 6 eyeshadows, 1 blush and 4 eyeliners in use on my eyes! But the look came together really nicely. Throw in the mascara to tie it all together and I loved it. I would never have considered some of the tricks she taught me about smudging eyeliner or multi-layered eyeliner looks. The glitter eyeliner finish was amazing and completely different to what it looked in the bottle because it was layered over the black liner.

The final step was lipstick and setting it all.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have any Twitch in stock (still receiving them in) but they definitely had Pandemonium. And oh my gosh! It was exactly what I was hoping for. Mega Matte finish but still feels so cremey.

Then once it was all set, I was given a chance to get the details of the products used that I was interested in and then it was shopping time!

In the end, I tried to make sure I didn’t just buy Vice lipsticks, although I was highly tempted to.

I purchased the foundation that we used in the make up lesson (Urban Decay Naked Skin – Shade 2.0), as well as the lipstick primer we used (Stila Lush Lips Water Plumping Primer). I also grabbed two Vice lipsticks – Pandemonium which I was always going to buy, as well as the shade Jawbreaker (similar purple but with some differences).

Then at the last second, I also grabbed bareMinerals marvelous MOXIE lipgloss (shade Hypnotist) as it was almost out of stock and I’d been eying it off for a while now.

I completely recommend doing a session with Mecca Maxima! I learnt a lot and got to trial a few products which I can now purchase down the track. It gave me a chance to actually learn what I’m supposed to do with prepping etc as well as allowing me to pick up some new tricks for the way I wear make up normally. Plus, you can look at it as a free lesson when you purchase products OR free products when purchasing a lesson! Either way, you win!!

Thanks Nat for coming with me (and taking the photos!). Check out http://extralargeaslife.com/ if you haven’t already!

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