My partner and I joke about the claws on a cat being murder mittens… and often it’s the case!

Rory is an excitable cat, almost kitten like. From what we’ve gathered about his history, he’s had a hard life up until we gave him a forever home.

So he’s starting to play a lot in a way we doubt he had the chance to before.

But this sometimes leads to drawing of blood… my blood, my partner’s blood.

We know he doesn’t mean it, and don’t hold it against him, it’s just hard to be able to relax with him during play. But he’s getting better about it and so are we.

He’s really beginning to trust us more.

He’s wanting to be around us all the time, and will show us his belly more often.

Which means, he’s more often swatting us with just his paws, claws retracted. And it’s adorable.

We can be walking past him, and he’ll swat us gently on the leg to remind us he’s there or that he wants attention.

As long as he continues to sheath his murder mittens, maybe I can keep my blood inside me 🙂

Do any of your pets have a bad habit that you can’t quite shake? Let me know below

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