Life and the Pursuit of Happiness

Anne Parnell

I am an active, sometimes outgoing person, who runs her own business.

I recently discovered a love for fashion, makeup, and hair; and have always been a lover of food. I am an active participant in roller derby, in a few ways. I am a cat owner and adore animals of all kinds.

This is my little space of the internet to allow me to voice opinions, talk about, photograph and review things as I see fit.

I will have a variety of topics happening, sometimes updating more about one topic than another but generally, this site is about things I love and am excited by.

Sit back, enjoy and feel free to comment/contact me about anything on these blogs or in general.

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The Internet is for…

There is something about musicals that just makes me excited to see one. The energy that the cast have, the swell of the music from the orchestra, the reactions from the crowd… all of it adds to my enjoyment of storyline. It makes me react different to seeing a movie....

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But That’s Illogical!

I went into Star Trek Beyond with little idea what to expect. I’ve barely watched any of the original series, nor of any of the other television versions of it (I’ve mostly seen bits and pieces of TNG) but I had enjoyed the two previous reboot films. This one though...

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Experimenting with Strawberry Cupcakes

People who know me well, know that I love baking. Often I use it as a means to escape stress, but when I’m not stressed, that’s when I truly love baking. That’s when I throw the recipe book out and experiment. So when I got asked to make cupcakes for a...

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Who You Gonna Call?

I was never a big fan of the original Ghostbusters. I don’t even recall ever actually watching the whole film, so the whole idea of a remake of it didn’t bother me beyond the whole idea of Hollywood not having an original idea. The idea of an all-female Ghostbusting...

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Just Keep Swimming!

Like most people my age, when I heard that they were making a sequel to Finding Nemo, I was both elated and concerned. Finding Nemo was one of those films which I held up as something amazing. So the odds that its sequel live up to it was something I wasn’t sure it...

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Something weird is happening with me. For years I hated studying. It took me multiple attempts to find a degree at university that would keep my attention. I tried environmental management type courses, internet related courses before ending up with a degree in...

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