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About me

Roller Derby Tragic, Some What Fashion Savvy, Makeup Addict, Crazy Cat Lady, Self Employed

I am an active, sometimes outgoing person, who runs her own business.

I have a love for fashion, makeup, and hair; and have always been a lover of food. I am an active participant in roller derby, in a few ways. I am a cat owner; and adore animals of all kinds.

This is my little space of the internet to allow me to voice opinions, talk about, photograph and review things as I see fit.

Sit back, enjoy and feel free to comment/contact me about anything on these blogs or in general.

Spring time for …

The start of September is the start of spring in Australia and it's one of my absolute favourite times of year. The weather starts getting warmer while still having the odd cold day thrown in; and with my ideal weather range being 17 - 27 degrees celcius, spring is...

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And You’re Rushing Headlong

We Will Rock You the musical first came to Melbourne in 2003 and I saw it three times during that season; so when the word came out that they were doing another season this year I quickly asked for tickets for it for my birthday (last year). That's how certain I was...

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Mecca Maxima and Me

Okay, I raved for a while on my wishlist posts about wanting the Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks and it kind of helped me in relation to determining when I was going to do something that I had been wanting to do for a while. A make up lesson! I knew that Mecca Maxima...

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