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About me

Roller Derby Tragic, Some What Fashion Savvy, Makeup Addict, Crazy Cat Lady, Self Employed

I am an active, sometimes outgoing person, who runs her own business.

I have a love for fashion, makeup, and hair; and have always been a lover of food. I am an active participant in roller derby, in a few ways. I am a cat owner; and adore animals of all kinds.

This is my little space of the internet to allow me to voice opinions, talk about, photograph and review things as I see fit.

Sit back, enjoy and feel free to comment/contact me about anything on these blogs or in general.

Unicorn. Pastel. Rainbow. Hair!

I've been saying for ages, if I ever got the chance to dye my hair rainbow, I'd take it. That chance has come! Brett and Sarah, my adorable best friend couple, are getting married and I'm Best Man. However, that's not the only way that I would be standing out at the...

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The Eternal Freshie

Most people know that I am a self-proclaimed Roller Derby Tragic. My interest in the sport has led me to meet some incredible people, both on track and off. I’ve seen several up and coming players on their way to becoming amazing. I’ve met some of the loveliest people...

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