Nick and I went to see the Secret Life of Pets movie the other week.

If you haven’t seen the ads, basically its an adventure movie that focuses on the pets living in New York City, in particular two dogs forced to work together after previously trying to rid their human of the other dog. The animals are so well done, several times in the film, we turned to one another because the cats did exactly the same thing that Rory (our cat) does or it was something that Billy (our old cat) had done.

There was humour, an okay storyline and lots of animals interacting with one another. Only small sections of the story involved humans, which was quite nice because it kept the focus on the pets.

One thing that felt weird was the timing of the movie. It felt like so much was happening that it was spread over several days, when in fact you realise that all of this happened over a lot shorter time span than it felt like.

The voice actors were great, and for a lot of the film it wasn’t actually all that obvious as to who voiced the characters.

It was interesting to see the makeup of the audience when we went seeing as though they had held the release date of the film in Australia to tie in with school holidays as much as possible. However, there weren’t many kids watching it when we went. It was mainly adults either slightly younger than Nick or slightly older than me.  While we might not have been the target audience, it does show that there is a bit of an issue with holding movies for particular periods of the year, such as school holidays.

Have you seen Secret Life of Pets? Did you enjoy it? Also, what’s your opinion on films being held from release until particular times of the year?

  • Story 75%
  • Character Development (Main) 85%
  • Character Development (Secondary) 60%
  • Score 80%

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