The start of September is the start of spring in Australia and it’s one of my absolute favourite times of year.

The weather starts getting warmer while still having the odd cold day thrown in; and with my ideal weather range beingĀ 17 – 27 degrees celcius, spring is perfect for that.

Lots of rainy days allow me to curl up under a blanket and just listen to it falling but the warmer days allows me to seek out the sunshine.

It’s also when the AFL finals happen. While I’m not as interested in the footy as much as I used to be, the finals have a special place for me.

This finals season saw Geelong v Hawthorn play an amazing game and I was lucky enough to be there for it. When Isaac Smith lined up for goal as the siren sounded, I was prepared to be devistated only to end up jumping in joy as his kick went through for a point and Geelong won.

I love going to the football, cause it’s basically a girls night out. I go with one of my best friends, we watch the game, we gossip and have dinner together, and getting crepes for dessert as it’s tradition. And it’s what I enjoy doing. Regardless of where our lives have taken us, the footy is our thing.

And it’s a reminder that my birthday isn’t far off. I’m a spring baby (November) and so it’s always a good thing in my mind when spring comes around each year. I sometimes wonder if that’s a reason I love this time of year so much. Why the weather of this time of year is my favourite…

Do you have a favourite time of year? A favourite season? What one do you love?

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