I hate talking to my GP about my weight. For so long, the main response I would get would be: have you considered lap band surgery?

That’s not the kind of answer I’m looking for, for multiple reasons.

Lap band doesn’t always work. Not really. Not long term.

I’ve seen the kind of life that people I love have after having the surgery.

The rapid weight loss = great. The inability to eat = not so great. The vomiting because food gets stuck = no thank you.

So having to talk to my GP about why I wanted a mental health plan, why I needed it, was daunting.

We talked about a lot of things when doing the health plan. The areas that fit the criteria of having one done, the need of improving my self sabotaging actions and finally, the whole idea of me having an eating disorder.

For the first time, I felt that maybe I am going about this the right way.

When the appointment was over, I felt like I had a new way forward. I had a referral to a pyschologist who focussed on weight related mental issues, who could also do hypnotherapy if it was something that we felt could help. I also had another appointment with the GP to address the chronic pain I was suffering because of the weight.

When the GP told me what I was able to do with the chronic pain management plan, I reached out to someone I knew in one of the fields. I asked if they were able to help me, or whether they knew of someone who could help me out. They really helped me out in a big way.

I got a couple of names for exercise physiologists and had a chat to one who was around the corner from my house. When I explained what was going on, he was happy to take me on as a client using the management plan.

So when I went back in to see the GP, I was able to ask specifically for someone I thought I could work with.

Mental health plans and chronic pain management plans are scary to ask for and can be daunting to do but I am so happy that they are things that are available to be utilised in the right situation.

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