Most people know that I am a self-proclaimed Roller Derby Tragic.

My interest in the sport has led me to meet some incredible people, both on track and off. I’ve seen several up and coming players on their way to becoming amazing. I’ve met some of the loveliest people who hit like there is no tomorrow and when the jam is done, they’ll turn around and apologise, high five or hug the person they hit.

And because of that, I’ve wanted to play the sport for years.


I’m the eternal freshie.

The most skating I ever did as a kid was maybe once or twice for friends’ birthdays, where I’d do a couple of laps holding the walls and that was it.

So, learning to skate has been a massive challenge for me.

I over think things, I need things broken down into small instructions and I am constantly fighting my brain over the actions.

Add to that, I am constantly fighting injury as well.

I’m stuck in a catch 22.

For my health, I need to lose weight. So, I skate and do pilates. But the pressure of skating and even pilates on my body, means I’m prone to injuries. Then, I’m unable to exercise which means the weight loss stagnates.

Each time I feel like I’m doing well, I head back to training. I train, I sometimes progress but more often feel like I am starting from scratch again.

I get frustrated and upset a lot with this constant stop start training. It really gets me down when I want to achieve bouting level so much, yet my body can’t handle it. I can’t even handle getting beyond freshie.

That being said, I enjoy my time on skates. I love that feeling I get when I manage to do something I haven’t before or I improve on a skill I already could do.

Whether or not I manage to test up the levels to bout, I know that just getting out there is doing me so much good, beyond exercising.

It gives me a mental challenge, a physical challenge and more.

I get to spend time with people I might never have met without the sport and it’s opened my eyes to so many cool things.

So, I’ve been asked before why do I keep doing freshie training when I haven’t managed to pass; and my answer is because roller derby is everything.

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