I’ve been saying for ages, if I ever got the chance to dye my hair rainbow, I’d take it.

That chance has come!

Brett and Sarah, my adorable best friend couple, are getting married and I’m Best Man. However, that’s not the only way that I would be standing out at the wedding. Both the bride and groom have said that I could do my hair rainbow.

So cool!!

But that’s meant a lot of preparation getting my hair from a dark purple/red to light enough to be able to pull off a number of colours.

Thankfully I got introduced to an amazing hairdresser, Donna, who was just as excited as I was to be able to play with multiple colours. Check out her instagram full of amazing hair colours!

My hair went through a number of changes as we tried to pull the old colour out.

First time we stripped the colour, I ended up with a lot of pinkish, red at the base and orange up the top near my roots. Donna thankfully dyed the orange pink so it would blend nicely.

The second attempt was a lot more successful. I actually ended up being a blonde (for a short time).

We had been planning on doing bright rainbow colours, since we were figuring that it wasn’t going to get that light… but once we saw what we had for Donna to work with, she decided on pastels.

And oh my god! I love the result. It’s so pretty!!


Isn’t it amazing?

Then if getting my hair so perfectly coloured (and styled on top of it) wasn’t enough. I got home to find a parcel waiting for me.

I’d seen on Facebook someone who made amazing flower crowns and headbands. Tess from Terrestrial had promoted her bands in one of the groups I was in, and I’d been wanting a cool flower crown for a while. When I contacted her, she managed to put together an absolutely gorgeous band in my favourite colours.

The result was magical. The accidental photoshoot that took place when I combined my new hair and band together was a lot of fun.

So yes, I’m a fabulous, magical being with gorgeous rainbow hair and a crown to match.

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