12900003_1719173478325337_209793767_nWhat is Caturday? What is Caturday in relation to this blog?

Caturday is a thing on the internet, where people post various things about cats on a Saturday. Usually, the images would be memes (Business Cat, Science Cat etc) but in terms of this blog, it’s partially that.

Rory was brought into our life a few days after our beloved Billy had passed away. Because Rory is such a large part of my life, this page is dedicated to cats! Photos will be of Rory, Billy or other gorgeous cats; and memes about cats.

I hope to also be able to document information about various rescue shelters etc. so if someone else wants to bring a cat into their life, they can do so without having to go through a pet store directly (unless they offer shelter kitties).

Both Billy and Rory came to us as adult cats, having been strays before we took them in. I’m intending to give information about having adult cats adapting to situations that they might not be used to (gutsing their food, noises, lots of people etc.) but this information is more about what we’ve discovered with Rory and might not be suitable for your own situation and kitty.

Overall, this category is because while I love my beautiful boys, not everyone likes cats. This gives you the opportunity to see it if you wish or to ignore it otherwise.

If you are a cat fan, do you own a cat? If so, feel free to share with me photos of your gorgeous cats below.

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